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The Brief

This campaign was part of the CSI program with BWA X Grind and MSR and leveraged off Dalchas platform to drive a powerful
anti-bullying campaign into various schools and their communities.

The main objective of the community initiative program was to create a sustainable impact and legacy in the community while promoting MSR as the enabler.


Dalcha has a strong following and is a leader in his profession. Strong, yet gentle in his demeanour, his self-discipline and commitment to his craft are all qualities kids can aspire to, making him the perfect mentor and male role model.

The Challenge

Bullying is a problem across schools and society at large. There’s a lack of male role models in many communities as well as lack of
awareness on how to stop this cycle and how to support children.

The Campaign Ecosystem

Video Production


Media Support

The Strategy

Strong Don’t Bully

The team came up with a campaign message,
#StrongDon’tBully, led by Dalcha, to support awareness and drive conversations. This message was rolled out into various social channels, and headed up the community project initiative.

The campaign was further supported with martial arts lessons in the community and a programme was put in place to teach this life skill at schools and communities. The programme is on going and will be rolled out into other communities.


The campaign deliverables included videos, social posts across channels as well collaborating with a Graffiti artist to paint the wall outside the school walls with the campaign line as a daily reminder. The community initiative has seen an increase in school attendance and a drop in disruptive behaviour and is a case study of the importance of speaking up against bullying.

“Children who are frequently bullied are nearly three times more likely to feel like an outsider at school and more than twice as likely to miss school as those who are not frequently bullied.” UNESCO

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