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The tobacco industry may have seen the worst effects of the Covid-19 pandemic since sales bans, travel restrictions and social distance were set in place. For Philip Morris International, the greatest concern was being disconnected from millions of customers across the globe, which also meant a huge drop in sales.

Our Task

The brand had already developed their web app, Open Mobile – to drive sales online, and needed an improved strategy to increase user sign ups and engagement. We were tasked to:

1) Relaunch their two referrals programmes, Mazaka Zaka and KaChing.
2) Create engaging web app content.
3) Get online users to sign up to Open Mobile.

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Armed with a great rewards system and an accessible resource, we conducted thorough audience research to understand why sign ups were minimal. We also analysed the social media habits and buying behaviour of the brand’s ideal audience, which then informed our creative


A series of short, educational content was produced and published on the Open Mobile web app where employees could earn rewards and discover product and sales tips.

The Outcome

Despite the decline in sales due to the pandemic, sign ups increased by 279% within two months. The fresh content created for the relaunch of the KaChing referral programme also contributed to a great increase in web app activity


Sign up increase


Sign up increase

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