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The Challenge

As institutions alike fine-tune their delivery of tech focussed learning programmes, the new MANCOSA School of Information and Digital Technology (SIDT) is also looking to become a front runner in the ICT learning space to create future digital leaders.

Our Task

The MANCOSA brand is known for quality and affordable learning solutions – and to meet the increasing demand for digital skills, the institution needed a focussed strategy to appeal to existing and prospective students interested in learning 4IR skills. We were tasked to:

1) Develop a strong go-to-market and brand positioning campaign for the SA market.

2) Produce creative assets with impactful messaging.

3) Amplify brand assets through paid media and attract ready to buy customers.

The Strategy

Equipped with both creative and strategic thinking, our team introduced the thought-provoking brand platform, The Smarter Human – to open dialogue about the 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR), to encourage their ideal audience to imagine a future of work, learning, and community that serves everyone.

We also anchored the campaign message around the concept – “Just Imagine” – to promote and stimulate the thinking of a better future where technology and humans can coexist in a purpose-driven equilibrium.This platform was created for MANCOSA to leverage these reimaginations of a brighter and better future through its SIDT offering.

The Outcome

Through our efforts, over a 8 week period we achieved 6000 quality leads, an above average industry lead to sale conversion rate. The launch exceeded expectations and the MANCOSA SIDT School brand is now well-positioned into the local SA market for business growth.

(Industry average conversion rate is 1,8%)


Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate

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