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The Brief

Got a potential hot-selling product or service but you’re new to the market? When Societe Generale entered the South African e-commerce market, they shared the same struggles with their new e-commerce app – CashBerry Business.

The company was afraid that thousands of potential users, investors and entrepreneurs without a strong online presence would not know who CashBerry Business was or how the platform worked. So, they turned to their trusted marketing solutions partner to get their brand’s story out there.

We had three tasks:

1) Create a compelling brand Video

2) Establish a brand reference point as a part of their pitch to potential investors

3) Appeal to small business owners in the South African market

The Strategy

To accomplish our goals under a tight deadline, we had to work diligently to create a fresh yet impactful brand video which introduced their e-commerce app as a viable solution for business owners in need of going digital.

From the word go, our experienced creative and administrative team of animators, creative directors, copywriters and project coordinators, hit the ground running. With conceptual thinking, persuasive copy, and savvy design skills, we managed to not only bring their brand story to life but articulate what the CashBerry Business app is all about and how it works.

The Outcome

Campaign Success. The CashBerry Business app brand video was well-received by all the relevant stakeholders, it provided more context and impact to their website user experience which added to their brand value during investor pitches. Check out the video!

Ruffle Feathers

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