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Marketplace Relevancy

As the marketplace continues to evolve and competition greatens, the quest to maintain relevancy becomes a driving force for decision makers in both small and large businesses. In the industrial era, efficiency was the currency of businesses, faster, more efficient production meant quicker scale and greater profits.  Today trading in a global economy means the competition now only needs to be online to gain access to a market before only possible through a physical presence . In the global economy, innovation and authenticity are the new currency. Connecting with consumers in ways which builds trust and inspires, is what brands need to be and are aiming for.  We see more and more companies gearing up and taking lead while others who are slower to respond are left behind in a world they struggle to recognise.

The problem is businesses need to navigate through a barrage of external forces and internal uncertainty. Most times leaders are so focused on overcoming the next challenge, that they struggle to pay attention to the finer details, the sudden direction of the wind.

The solution – brand custodians and leaders who consider partnering with agencies to assist in navigating are left with the big question… Which one? There are certainly no shortage of options. Being the top of any market is always desired, but a dangerous place to be. Why?

Let’s look at Steve, the one who made the ‘Stay Hungry” phrase famous. The decades of running at the top…Where they are now?. Apple was always biting at the heels of Microsoft, playing the “underdog.” It worked. Apple suddenly ruled the market, but things have changed. Many wonder if Apple have lost their way. What’s certain is that their willingness to throw everything into something they’re not sure about is no longer an easy decision. It is not easy to change direction, with communication gaps, bureaucracy slows things down and eats away at the creative process. No one entity ever changed the world or marketplace via the compliance department. And smaller businesses do not have these cumbersome departments.

So, which agency would you have fighting for you to have a share in the marketplace? The best one?  The one trying to maintain its name and brand? The one that simply cannot change processes to suit your needs?

You want an agency that is hungry, an agency which prioritizes innovation, a curious agency that can deliver results and places your needs over awards. You want an agency which is a part of social transformation and who isn’t afraid of challenging the way things USED to be.

Stay hungry…


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