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Connecting your brand’s personality & values

Brands, which are considering building greater relationship with consumers, are turning to an old maxim: learning from experience.

Experiential marketing, previously an afterthought to mainstream ad campaigns, has been emerging again as the strength to many branding plans.

Within a progressively digital world, consumers are getting a chance to feel, touch and respond to products on a more personal level, while live events are being used to entertain, inform and construct the kind of emotional stickiness that brands crave.

The result?

Experiential campaigns stimulate word of mouth, delivering silage for social media feeds and becoming the foundation of PR content for brands alike.

The reason is obvious, when looking at the ROI brands are realizing on their experiential Marketing and event investments, it’s no wonder it’s worth investing into.

And yes, we talk from experience.

Our most recent experiential campaign has blossomed into a fruitful partnership between Black Wolf Agency and Fives Futbol, with strong partners such as RedBull and Adidas, it’s easy to understand why this is something worth remarking about, enough so, that our PR strategy resulted in us being interviewed on the morning Expresso Show on SABC 3, promoting the lifestyle Fives Street brand with our communities.


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