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Branding in the times of COVID 19
Closeness. Connection. Authenticity. The brands that adopt these, are the brands that will thrive in the midst of COVID 19.

Many studies done during this pandemic are showing that people want brands to be more empathetic and aware of the long-term impact they have on their lives and their community.

One way of doing this is to amp up your human experience optimization, by showing empathy towards your consumers’ situation and finding ways in which your brand can connect with them. We took this approach with a recent social media campaign done for global education client, Pearson. 

After doing some research around students’ needs during this time, we created a FAQ video series to address students’ fears and concerns about how their studies would be affected during COVID 19. The series included practical tips on online studying and other lifestyle factors which were raised during our research sessions. These videos gave students an opportunity to connect with a real-life Pearson representative, who was there to answer their questions and support them during this time. 

Another approach you may want to take is to ask how can your brand reach out to its community. Even though the restaurant business has been hit hard economically, one of our clients, set up a national feeding scheme to help those in need. An act that mirrors PRIMI’s brand line of  “We love people. We love food.”  

The bottom line in today’s new normal – create content tailored to humans not search engines. In the long run, human experience optimization is a better way to build your brand, win over customers, and will have a bigger impact on your Google ranking.   

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